You Are a Star, Jane Goodall!

We were delighted to receive a message from Dean – all the way from Madison, Wisconsin in the USA…..

Hello Malvern students,

I am so excited to have you read You Are a Star, Jane Goodall ! Jane grew up in England, not far from you. She was the first person brave enough to study chimpanzees by living with them in the jungle. And guess what—she made friends with them! In the book, you will meet chimps named Flo and Goliath and learn about Jane’s world-changing scientific discoveries. You will also laugh! The book is filled with funny stories, drawings, and comics. Jane had grand adventures while doing the work she loved, and I hope you will grow up to do that in your own lives.

I have visited your beautiful city, and I liked it so much that I want to come back someday! I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw each other strolling along the Mersey.

Your friend,
Dean Robbins

The website says: Make way for Jane Goodall! It’s Jane Goodall like you’ve never seen her before! Using a unique mix of first-person narrative, hilarious comic panels, and essential facts, Dean Robbins introduces young readers to a scientific trailblazer. The second book in an exciting new nonfiction series, You Are a Star, Jane Goodall focuses on Jane’s lifelong mission to understand the chimpanzees and protect the planet. Hatem Aly’s spot-on comic illustrations bring this icon to life engaging back matter instructs readers on how to be more like Jane!


Dean’s book about Ruth Bader Ginsburg was published at the start of 2022.  His forthcoming book about Malala Yousafzai will hit the shops early next year.




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