‘Dave – The Lonely Monster’ by Anna Kemp

The website www.justimagine.co.uk says:  Bright and colourful picture book about a misunderstood monster and his friendship with a young boy.

Dave is a harmless, lonely monster who loves rock and roll, and strumming on his electric guitar. The locals thought he was a pest, and he was sent to retire in cave. The local knights came to taunt him but otherwise he lived alone. That is until Percival the Brave, a six year old tiny knight arrives on a hobby horse waving a carrot!

This is a funny tale with a lovely message, encouraging the reader to reflect on other people’s feelings and how looks can be deceiving. The rhyme and rhythm make this a lovely story to read aloud. The pictures (by Sarah Ogilvie) have lots of fabulous details, with modern objects (such as motorbikes and televisions) being depicted made out of wood.

Rhyming Monster Fun!  Published on 4/10/18 and for age 3+.