‘Luna Loves Library Day’ by Joseph Coelho

The website www.lovemybooks.co.uk says: Luna really looks forward to library day – she meets her dad there and it is a day to build shared memories; full of stories, adventure and love. They explore the shelves together finding books about magic, mysteries and monsters and choosing books to check out.  Luna finds out that dad isn’t keen on bugs and also about his childhood when he shows her a history book with black and white pictures. They curl up together to share a fairy story about a troll king who decides to leave his mermaid queen but even so retains a deep love for his princess daughter, just like Luna and her dad.

This is a sensitive and exuberant story about the love parents have for their children even if they separate. The story within a story reflecting this theme makes this book extra special. The illustrations are delightful adding lots of detail and touches of humour, look out for what happens when Luna opens a book about bugs!  This story also celebrates libraries, the treasures to be found there, the pleasure of sharing this experience with a loved one and the delight in taking home your chosen books to enjoy again.

Published on 6/9/18 and for age 3+.