‘Maybe’ by Morris Gleitzman

Morris Gleitzman’s own website says: This is the sixth book in Felix’s long story of friendship and survival, and its seeds were sown in several of the earlier volumes.

Felix’s whole life up till now has been lived in a world of maybe. War is full of uncertainty – you can never be sure if your home, family, pets, friends, school or even self will be around tomorrow. If you’re an optimist like Felix, you hope they will. You want your loved ones to have a future and you want to have one with them.

You also want a future because the world fascinates you with its possibilities. Which is another type of maybe. Maybe, you think, the world will manage, with help from us, to be the best world it can. Which is one of the things I really like about Felix. He’s growing up in the worst of worlds but because of the love and friendship in his life, he can imagine the best. Perhaps. Maybe. With a bit of luck.

This is probably for Y5 children and older.  It was published on 21/9/17.