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Fostering Rugby Excellence at Malvern Primary School

Malvern Primary School is dedicated to cultivating excellence in education and extracurricular pursuits, and at the heart of our commitment to physical development and character building is our passion for rugby. A sport that epitomises teamwork, discipline and resilience.

After-School Rugby Clubs

Our after-school rugby clubs stand out as a hallmark of our commitment to providing a comprehensive educational experience. Under the expert guidance of Mr Phillips, these clubs not only facilitate rigorous physical activity but also serve as a platform for developing essential life skills. Emphasising inclusivity, our clubs are designed to cater to students of all skill levels, creating an environment where every child can thrive.

Partnership with Portico Vine Rugby League Club

We take pride in our strategic partnership with Portico Vine Rugby League Club, a community-focused institution that shares our commitment to excellence. Through this collaboration, Malvern Primary School has successfully broadened its invasion games portfolio, introducing students to the strategic nuances of rugby league. The partnership aims to provide students with a comprehensive sporting experience, enriching their educational journey.

Diversifying Invasion Games through Knowsley Schools Sports Partnership

As an active member of the Knowsley Schools Sports Partnership, Malvern Primary School goes beyond the ordinary in promoting sports excellence. Our participation in rugby competitions and activities throughout the year is a testament to our dedication to providing students with a well-rounded sporting education. The partnership enhances the diversity of our invasion games curriculum, ensuring that students experience a range of challenging and fulfilling opportunities.

Elevating the Profile of Rugby

In collaboration with St. Helens Rugby League Club, Portico Vine Rugby League Club and the Knowsley Schools Sports Partnership, Malvern Primary School has successfully elevated the profile of rugby. This concerted effort has led to a notable increase in the proportion of pupils participating in rugby recreationally beyond school hours, fostering a healthier, more active student body and instilling a genuine passion for the sport.

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