‘The Bolds to the Rescue’ by Julian Clary


bolds rescueThe Bolds are back – cause for celebration ! Written by Julian Clary and illustrated by David Roberts, this is a book that will have children in stitches. For those that don’t know, the Bolds are a family of hyenas living happily in Teddington disguised as humans.

Word of their lifestyle has spread through the animal world and in this episode, a series of unhappy creatures turn up at their door looking for help.  Ever optimistic and warm-hearted, the Bolds welcome them in and start teaching their guests how to be human. It’s ludicrous, charming and very, very funny, with a subtle underlying message about live-and-let-living. As delightful as their first adventures, and that’s really saying something.

Published on 3/3/16.  For age 7+