The Oxford Roald Dahl Dictionary


Dictionaries don’t come more fun than this celebration of Roald Dahl, – and the joy he took in ‘gobblefunking’ – playing with words and inventing new words and meanings.

Dahl had an extraordinary understanding of what children like and used onomatopoeia to create words full of sounds that children love to say: ‘lickswishy’, ‘wondercrump’, ‘phizz-whizzing’ and of course ‘scrumdiddlyumptious’ are all featured in this ‘extra—usual’ dictionary.

In fact there are almost 8,000 real words and made-real-by-Dahl words.  They are mostly words featured in his books and some are just there for fun.  This is a book to browse happily for hours on end. It will encourage children to invent words themselves and liven up their own writing.  It has colour illustrations by Quentin Blake on every page.  This is squiffling in every way !

Published on 2/6/16.  For age 7+