Theatre trip: The Three Musketeers

​This production could not take place due to COVID-19.  Refunds will be organised as soon as possible.

On Thursday 30th April, members of Drama and Theatre Club will be at Liverpool’s Playhouse Theatre to see ‘The Three Musketeers’.  From award-winning Le Navet Bete comes a comedy adventure that will have the audience rolling with laughter from here to the French countryside!

Armed with only a baguette and his questionable steed, the children will join hot-headed d’Artagnan as he travels to Paris to become a musketeer. Will things go to plan? It’s unlikely! Featuring hilarious heroics, raucous romances and some bonkers fun with BMX bikes, Le Navet Bete will condense Alexandre Dumas’ 700-page classic into two hours of non-stop comedy gold.