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In the event of severe weather, any information re school opening and closing arrangements will be sent to parents and carers via text. Please inform school if you need contact details updating. Thank you


Ofsted 2016 agrees that we provide a Good Quality of education for all our children

Many strengths of our school were identified.

  • Leadership has an accurate understanding of the strengths of our school
  • Governors and Leaders share a common ambition for the school
  • Standards are above, and in some cases significantly above, national averages
  • Safeguarding is effective and children are safe.
  • We provide a wide range of learning opportunities in all subjects, including the Arts
  • Children use English and Maths skills in all aspects of the curriculum
  • Children enjoy the sports provision and participate in additional sporting activities both in school and in competition


Quotes from our Report

IMG_1383“The atmosphere around the school, and in classrooms, is quietly purposeful”

“Pupils are actively involved in their learning”Rec at tree plant

“The school has a welcoming, caring environment from the second you walk in and this sets it apart from other schools in the area” (parent quote)

y5 & 6 ld“Governors and school leaders share a clear commitment and common IMG_0506                             ambition for the school”

                    “In the last 2 years pupils attending the school have attained standards significantly above the national average”

“Safeguarding is effective. Arrangements are robust. Vulnerable pupils and their families are well supported”

Year 4 Drumming & Visit to Greenbank Plus Assemly with an author 011“Pupils said that they felt the school was a safe DSC00616environment”

“Current pupils are making strong progress across almost all year groups, especially in reading and writing”

“The school prides itself an range and variety in its curriculum”IMG_1124

“The school has many opportunities for children in Sports, Arts, Reading, Drama, Music and outdoor teaching, including Gardening….and brings in very good visiting groIMG_1461ups which the children enjoy and learn from” (parent quote)

                                                             “Writing and Numeracy are very well developed across the Curriculum”IMG_0998

“Pupils commented positively about the improved provision for Sport in the school”

“There is a clear message given to pupils regarding consistent high standards of attenIMG_1391dance”(parent quote)






LiverpoolReadingQualityMarkLogoWe have achieved our

Gold Standard

Reading Quality Mark


The accreditor recognised the strengths of our school in promoting reading for enjoyment to be:


  • The Reading Advocate’s drive and expertise and how he supports staff in promoting high quality children’s literature;
  • The children’s enthusiasm to read, reflected in the level of book swaps, book recommendations and children choosing to attend ‘Golden Time’ book clubs;
  • The range of support on the school website;
  • Our regular school book fairs which bring the book shop to the children;
  • Our very popular book clubs for Key Stage 1 children, Key Stage 2 children, parents and staff;
  • Our above national average reading standards throughout school.


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