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Welcome to Malvern Primary School

Research shows that there is often a decline in children’s reading progress and ability over the long summer holidays. Research also shows that a small amount of daily reading for pleasure is an ideal way to make sure that such a decline doesn’t happen.  We are delighted to be able to let you know that our school library will be open every Friday in August. Here are the details:

Dates:  The library will be open on Friday 2nd August, Friday 9th August, Friday 16th August, Friday 23rd August and Friday 30th August.

Times:  The library will be open between 10.00am and 12.00noon.

Access:  Please access the library via its exterior door.  Use the pathway opposite the side of the Swanside Community Centre.  The library door is just past the Year Four classrooms.

Reading:  Children and adults are welcome to come and browse and spend time reading in the library.  Refreshments will be available for children and adults.

Books:  Children will also be able to borrow books from the library to take home.

Supervision:  Children must be accompanied by an adult for the duration of their visit.  A school member of staff will also be present.

School App

We have now switched over to our NEW Secure App & the current version will be deleted in the next few days.  An invitation has been sent to all parents with instructions on how to switch over to the new Secure App.  Please sign up for the app as soon as possible as we will be sending out ALL messages on it.
Within the next few weeks it will be possible for Parents to register other family members for the app.



LiverpoolReadingQualityMarkLogoWe have achieved our

Gold Standard

Reading Quality Mark


The accreditor recognised the strengths of our school in promoting reading for enjoyment to be:


  • The Reading Advocate’s drive and expertise and how he supports staff in promoting high quality children’s literature;
  • The children’s enthusiasm to read, reflected in the level of book swaps, book recommendations and children choosing to attend ‘Golden Time’ book clubs;
  • The range of support on the school website;
  • Our regular school book fairs which bring the book shop to the children;
  • Our very popular book clubs for Key Stage 1 children, Key Stage 2 children, parents and staff;
  • Our above national average reading standards throughout school.