Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

Staff: Mr Jacob, Mr Phillips & Mrs Jenks

Our exciting research projects for this year will be:

Peasants, Princes and Pestilence √


Pharoahs √

Beast Creator 

Alchemy Island√

Time Traveller √


Year 5 – General Information

P.E Information

Year 5  P.E. lessons will take place on TUESDAY and THURSDAY. 

They must wear a full Malvern Primary School P.E uniform.  This includes:

  • White T-shirt (plain white or white with Malvern badge)
  • Green shorts Black / grey pumps

If the weather permits, children may bring an outdoor P.E. kit into school along with their normal P.E kit.  This includes:

  • White T-shirt (plain white or white with Malvern badge)
  • Tracksuit pants
  • Jumper or jacket
  • Trainers

Children should have their P.E kit in school everyday.


Reading and Homework

Children should read four times a week and record this independently in their school planner. This should then be signed off by an adult.  This can be any book/magazine they wish that is of the correct standard.  Some children may have books suggested to them by their teacher to make sure they are of the correct level.

Children should have access to their planners in school every day.  It is the children’s responsibility to make sure their planner goes home at the end of each day to record their reading / homework, and comes back into school the next day.  If they forget their planners, their reading should be recorded on a piece of paper and brought into school.

Children will be given a spelling list to complete each week. These will be sent home every Friday to be returned (and tested) the following Wednesday and should be used as an opportunity to learn spellings rather than just copy them out! Other homework tasks will be sent home by the class teacher as and when required.


Independent Learning Tasks

Choose three of the following exciting activities to complete at home this half term.  Projects are due in on the Monday of the final week of the term.

  • Talk to members of your family to find out what has changed since they were 10 years old.  What things have changed and what have stayed the same?  Is the world a better place now?
  • Take a look at some old family photographs.  Create a timeline for your family showing important events such as marriages or house moves.
  • Research some scientific arguments about time travel.  Do you think it will ever be possible?
  • Take digital photographs of as many different types of watches as you can find and create a montage.   Design a watch of your own using your collected images as inspiration.  You could incorporate some exciting new functions!
  • If you could time travel to any time period, anywhere in the world, where would you go?  Make a scrapbook of your chosen period and explain what you would do while you were there.
  • Write an autobiography of your life so far.
  • Time yourself doing different activities at home.  Create a pie chart to show the proportion of time each day you spend eating, sleeping or at school.  Are there any activities you would like to do more or less?  What would the pie chart of your perfect day look like?
  • Find out about some of the most important technological inventions of the last century, such as mobile phones, GPS, microwave ovens, MRI scans, video games and the World Wide Web.  Can you imagine life without them now?  Conduct a survey to find out which aspect of technology your family and friends would miss if they had to do without it.
  • Draw and label a design for a product of the future.  What would it do?  How would it make life easier?
  • What is your earliest memory?  Video yourself talking about it or write it down as a blog post.  Compare your earliest memory with those of your classmates.
  • Create portraits of members of your family.  Will you draw, paint, take photographs or use computer software?



Curriculum Topics

Read all about our latest curriculum projects below:


Check out our Year 5 Twitter page (@Malvernyear5) for pictures and updates of some of the exciting work we do in class!


Time Traveller

Tick, tock, tick, tock…the hands on the clock never stop.  From the moment w are born, from toddler to teen, middle age to elderly, time stops for no man.

Find out what happens to our bodies and brains as we grow older, and how we cope with these changes.

How long does a human baby take to grow inside the womb?  Does it take longer than an elephant calf?  Or a kitten?

Take a good look at yourself…how has your face changed since you were a baby and how will it change as you grow older?  Can you photograph it, change it, age it?

And what would happen if the clock struck 13?  In ‘Tom’s Midnight Garden’, he travels to the past.  What an adventure!  Imagine you could time travel too: where would you go and what would you like to see?  Will you head back to your past or into your future?  You decide!

Tick, tock, tick, tock … the hands on the clock never stop!


Alchemy Island

It’s time to suspend your belief and open your mind.  We’re going on a magical journey to Alchemy Island!

Can you find the gold hidden deep in the Island’s mysterious landscape?  The only way is to study the map, unravel the riddle and begin your adventure.

On the way, you must do all you can to learn about gold and master the ancient art of alchemy.  Be creative and try to impress the Island’s team of ace alchemists!  Will they praise your scientific expertise?

What if there were a video game version of Alchemy Island?  Could you compose a stunning soundtrack to bring this mysterious landscape to life?

You’ve got your map, co-ordinates and eerything else you need to make your way across Alchemy Island.  Don’t forget to pack your imagination!

Got your suitcase ready?  Then let the journey begin…

Beast Creator

A bug, a creepy-crawly, a beast! He’ll tickle your skin then go in for the sting!

Arachnids, invertebrates, molluscs and myriapods, hiding in nooks and beneath darkened rocks … Come search for these minibeasts, and let’s sort them out!  How many legs?  How many wings?  Who does it eat and who eats it?  Can you classify it? Can you draw and make it?

Build a bug hotel or a wonderful wormery – then watch them wriggle and burrow, mixing the earth as they go!

Discover where in the world you’ll find the most dangerous beasts – scorpions, ants and venomous spiders … perhaps the Vespa mandarina japonica is the one that you fear?

Why not become a ‘Beast Creator’?  Selectively breed a killer predator that saves the world from the super-strong aphid.

You’ll be a hero!

But I know an old lady who swallowed a fly.  I don’t know why she swallowed a fly … perhaps she’ll die?


Let’s travel back 5000 years to the dusty realms of Ancient Egypt.

Cruise along the Nile, entering a world of mysteries and curses, mummies and kings. Find out about life on the river’s fertile banks, discovering Egypt and its fascinating culture.

Unravel the secrets of ancient tombs, using historical sources and age-old artefacts.

Find out about powerful pharaohs and grandiose gods! Make yourself a nemes and you’ll really look the part!

Become an apprentice and work for Ramose; he’s the chief embalmer at the Beautiful House. Help him prepare a body for its journey into the afterlife.

Now open the doorway to Ancient Egypt – who knows what treasures you will find?



Journey through space…the final frontier! Navigate beyond the Sun, the magnificent, blazing star at the centre of our solar system!

Investigate the eight planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Take a look at the Moon, a celestial body that orbits the Earth.

Programme a ‘rover’ to traverse a lunar landscape and work scientifically to investigate gravity … and what happens when there is none! Compare the time of day at different places on Earth and use GPS satellite navigation systems to track hidden treasure. Get in a spin, making simple models of the solar system and listen to the haunting sounds of space-themed songs.

Then it’s three … two … one … BLAST OFF! Build and launch a rocket for an important test mission.

Exploring space is probably the greatest adventure that humankind has ever undertaken. Are we alone or are there other life forms out there?


5TJ Creative Writing Competition

The Task:

The children were given just 45 minutes to create their own piece of creative writing, in whichever genre they wanted, based on a stimulus picture called ‘Rocket on the Moon’.


First prize wins 300 house points, second prize wins 200 house points, and third prize wins 100 house points.

Check out the winners below:

Writing prize pieces


Peasants, Princes and Pestilence

Flee your fields, close your doors and pull up the drawbridge: the dreaded and deadly ‘Great Pestilence’ is here! 

Mount your steed and gallop through the dark and deadly world of 14th century Britain, sword and shield at the ready, pledging your allegiance to King and country!

Rouse your troops with the promise of a bloody battle and violent jousts.  Read and write historical accounts, poems and tales and discover the grotesque effects of bugs and bacteria on the human body. And if you smell a rat, my friend, get out of here!

Our terrifying topic will provide curriculum coverage of the following subjects:

  • History
  • English
  • Computing
  • D.T.
  • Geography
  • Mathematics
  • Music
  • Science