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At Malvern Primary School, we are passionate about providing our young athletes with exciting opportunities to immerse themselves in the world of football. We believe in nurturing not only academic excellence but also fostering a love for sports and physical wellbeing.

Our commitment to football is evident in the diverse array of competitions and events we organise and compete in throughout the academic year. We take great pride in hosting inter-school competitions that draw participation from schools across Merseyside. These events create a platform for friendly competition and promote sportsmanship among our students.

Our commitment to the beautiful game doesn’t stop there. We recognise the importance of extending opportunities for our community’s children to develop their football skills, promote physical activity and enhance overall wellbeing. Therefore, we open our school grounds every weekend and offer community football sessions for both boys and girls.

In addition, our Headteacher, Mr James, serves as the North West Council Member for the English Schools Football Association and chairs the National Competitions Committee, demonstrating our school’s commitment to excellence in football at every level.  He is also the chairman for Knowsley St Helens Schools’ Football Association and is a member of the Merseyside County Schools’ Football Association Executive Group.

At Malvern Primary School, we believe that fostering a love for football not only promotes physical fitness but also instils important values in our students. Join us in celebrating the beautiful game and creating lasting memories on and off the pitch!

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