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Pupils at Malvern take part in a progressive outdoor curriculum facilitated by Vibe Outdoors. This opportunity allows children to develop their physical and mental health outside the normal day to day school routine while also broadening their knowledge and skills. This in turn develops character and builds on cultural capital. 

Lord Derby Academy

The Lord Derby Award is a progressive award with each level requiring more commitment than the previous. The award encourages young people to try new activities and challenge themselves while having fun and creating lasting memories. The flexible award is made up of four sections: Physical, Skills, Community and Adventurous Activities, across four progressive levels: Purple, Pink Blue and Yellow.

At Malvern, Year 3 work towards the purple award; Year 4 work towards the pink award and Years 5 and 6 are currently working towards the blue award. Following  completion of each stage, an awards ceremony is held to celebrate the achievements of the children. Each child is presented with their badge and a certificate. During the ceremony, special recognition prizes are awarded to learners who demonstrate our KIND values throughout their time at Vibe.

The Kindness Prize is presented to a child who consistently demonstrates kindness to themselves, the community and our planet.

The Integrity Prize is presented to a child who is able to do the right thing, even when it isn’t easy. Even when nobody is watching.

The Nurture Prize is awarded to a child who is able to demonstrate a determination to grow their character attributes or talents.

The Daring Prize is awarded to a child who demonstrates the courage to be themselves while also moving outside of their comfort zone. 

An Excellence Prize is awarded to a child who exemplifies all of the above values. The winner is considered an excellent role model and ambassador of our school and its values. 

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